Mueller Industries excels in production & distribution of the finest quality of copper products. Since its inception more than
85 years ago, Mueller has been a leader in
the development of new products and innovative manufacturing process. Mueller manufactures STREAMLINE Copper coils and lengths as per ASTM B280 and ANSI B9.1 for the Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Industry.
The insulation for the cooling & heating sector on the basis of elastomeric foam with closed- cellular structure.


Danfoss Maneurop commercial compressors offer hermetic reciprocating & scroll compressors for airconditioning & refrigeration. Maneurop compressors are famous & recognised all over the world for their legendary reliability. Over last 25 years they have become a reference brand for refrigeration, air-conditioning & industrial cooling process. Maneurop compressors covers a range from
1.5 hp to 26 hp.






Embraco is one of the leading manufacturer of refrigeration compressors in the world. They have an annual capacity of more than 22 million. Embraco compressors have a very low energy consumption level.


Foster provides a premium quality of Mastics, Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants for Thermal Insulation Industry.


Superlon is a flexible and light weight elastomeric nitrile foam material designed for thermal insulatuion.Superlon's expanded closed cell structure provides an efficient vapour barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water and refrigerator lines.

Flexible Airduct Systems. Aluminium flexible air ducts available with and without insulation.

Features: U/L listed Product
From 4" to 20"
  • Duct Connectors
  • Stuck-up pins
  • Pin Hangers
  • Damper Accessories

First in Refrigeration Control

A part of the Emerson Climate Technologies group, ALCO controls are pioneers in automatic control of liquid refrigerants. ALCO has always oncentrated on delivering reliable flow controls to meet everyday air-conditioning and refrigeration needs.

Items: Filter Driers, Expansion Valves, Sight Gl Valves, Thermostats and Accumulators.








ROBINAIR is a recognised leader in designing and manufacturing service tools and equipment for air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Recovery & Recycling Units for refrigerants
 Vacuum pumps
 Vacuum pump oils

The Leading Manufacturers of Hermetic,
Semi-Hermetic & Scroll Compressors.

Range.-1.5HP to 80 HP

Semi Hermetic Reciprocating condensing units
and Compressors for cold rooms
and freezer rooms.

Bristol Compressors are
rated the most reliable compressors in the world because of their high standard of quality and performance.
Range : 1 HP to 20 HP

When you select an Imperial Eastman tool, two facts remain undisputedly clear.You have brought an international standard of excellence and you have bought the best.

Shurtape - Masking, Duct, BOPP & Electrical Tapes.

Aluminium Tapes

                         >> Fraction Horsepower Motors

                         >> Base motors

Multi Meters
Clamp Meters
(Analog & digital)

Sight glass,
Solenoid Valve, &
Hand Valves
Made in Italy

Air Conditioning Accessories

Welding and Brazing tools.
Manifold Guages & Hoses

Virginia KMP USA

                           ACTI - BRITE

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